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WEB Based Sales/Inventory/Accoutning Management

COPIOUS is proven WEB based sales, client inventory and accounting management that can be customized to your business.  WEB based means COPIOUS runs on any device that supports a WEB browser.  Join the cloud revolution with a proven solution that will streamline your business.
Copious™ Documention
Take your first steps into the clouds and streamlining your business.
Copious™ Customer Care Center
Your Customers on-line portal to you business

Customizable customer center to fit your needs.  Customers order product on-line which automatically generates an invoice/pick ticket in Copious.  Customers see at a glance what they owe and if needed, click to see a detailed listing that clearly shows payments and invoices due.  Communicate to your customer 24/7 with information they need to efficently do business with you.
Copious™ Mobile Inventory Picking
Inventory Picking & Updating

Your staff now has an online inventory picker tool to quickly and efficently pick inventory to fill current orders.  If needed, employees can quickly add or subtract product qunaity for current active inventory items, add inventory from the field or a quick update due to shrinkage.  Works on all pads, mobile devices and your pc/mac computer too!.
Copious™ Delivery w/ Signature Capture

Product delivered, scanned and signed by your customers.  Route Tracking, know the moment the order is signed and were your driver is at in their route.  Works with any phone or pad device with a browser!  Any Bluetooth scanner to be used to scan order labels to confirm all product has been delivered..

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