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COPIOUS is proven WEB based sales, client, inventory and accounting management that can be customized to your business.  WEB based means COPIOUS runs on any device that supports a WEB browser.  Join the cloud revolution with a proven solution that will streamline your business.

COPIOUS consists of various modules which run seamlessly together.  If you are looking to start with a basic system we can provide you the proven technology to grow your business.  For larger operations we can tie everthing together in one easy to use WEB Based solutuion.    Letís grow together!

COPIOUS was developed from the ground up as a solution for moving your inventory. Streamline sales, receipts and accounting from one easy to use system.  COPIOUS gives you the tools to work your margins by showing you how much you make from each item you sell.  Improve customer service and sell all your products on hand.  With a click of the mouse, sales and production personnel can see product available for sale and what will shortly be available.

Apple, Inc., McClendon's Select produce spotlight using COPIOUS.
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Inventory Picker Module
Your warehouse personnel can see at a glance what orders need to be filled and check them off as they go.  Changes to an order are instantly updated to the inventory picker program.  On the flip side, as product is picked COPIOUS is updated to the fact that the order is filled.  The Inventory Picker Module works great from smart phones or pad devices.

The picture to the right is the inventory picker module installed on a wireless ipad.  The ipad is mounted in a kiosk in the middle of the packing area.  This creates a marvel of efficiency!

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